Gili Meno – Useful Tourist Information

Enjoy Swimming Gili Meno

Gili Meno is one of the three popular Gili Islands located off Lombok. It’s a small island with a population of about 400 settlers. It’s very much in tune with desert culture. It has excellent beaches, lakes and other natural attractions. You can visit the island at any time of the year. However, summer period seems to be the best season of enjoying life in the island.

Getting In The Gili Meno

Gili Meno Local Boats


The best avenue of entering the island is by boat. You can take a boat from Bali and stop at the designated points in the island. Amed Sea Express is the major boat operator that conveys tourists from Bali to the island. You can also enter the city by boat through Lombok. There are several public boat operators those covey tourists from Lombok to Gili Meno. You can take shuttle boat, Charter boat, Island Hopping boat and others. Each boat has a   specific departure and arrival time.

Getting Around

Getting Arround Gili Meno by Horse Cart

You can get around Gili Meno by walking or strolling. You can also take a horse cart to move around the island. All you need is to pay a little dime to book the horse cart trip.

What to see and do in Gili Meno

Gili Meno Bird Park (Taman Burung)

Gili Meno Bird Park

There are a lot of attractions to behold in Gili Meno. Among them include the Turtle Sanctuary that accommodates green sea turtles, and their eggs. You can also see the famous Taman Burung Park. It’s a unique park meant for birds. You can see a variety of wild birds at the park.

There’s also a lot you can do when you visit Gili Meno. You can go for diving, snorkeling and strolling. You can also go for shopping around the island. You can purchase all kinds of fashion accessories and other items in the island.

What to Eat and Drink

There are cafés that sell all kinds of foods and drinks in the island. Among the best foods they sell include sea foods, pizzas, barbecues and so on. Some of them also sell local and international dishes. The food prices are quite affordable. You simply eat at the best café that suits your budget. Different kinds of beers and liquors are sold at the various café and bars within the island. You can enjoy taking them.

Where to Sleep

Sunset Gecko at Gili Meno

There is a wide range of accommodation options at Gili Meno. Among them include beach huts, villas, luxury boutique resorts, guest houses and apartments. Some of the Budget accommodations include Rawan Indah, Tao Kombo, Sunset Gecko, My Gili Cottages, and others.

Among the Mid-range accommodations include Amber House, Biru Meno, Good Heart Bungalow, Hotel Gazebo, Kontiki Cottage, Royal Reef Cottages and so on.

There are Splurge accommodations available. Among them include Mahamaya Boutique Resort, Villa Nautilus and so on. Each of these accommodation options offers their services at varied prices. You have to choose the best accommodation that will suit your budget.

Getting Out

The best means of getting out of Gili Meno is by boat. You have to take a boat at one of the departure points back to Bali or Lombok.

In all, Gili Meno remains a unique tourist destination for travelers. You can always enjoy your stay in the island. You can place your bookings on time through a reliable travel agency.