Where is Gili Islands

Situated at the northwest coast of Lombok in Indonesia, Gili Islands are archipelagos with three small islands; Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan, and Gili Air. For those who wish to have a remote island experience, Gili Islands are the best islands to spend the holiday with. Every island promises to provide exhilarating experience that tourists will surely love and enjoy. With the flock of small resorts with small collection of huts and some restaurants, holidaymakers will have the opportunity to try for themselves what remote living really is in a more different and exciting way.

Gili Islands - Phinisi Hut


Perfect Getaway From City Crowd – Gili Islands

For those who wish to escape the chaotic motorbikes and traffic in the city, people can turn to Gili Islands. More and more tourists especially from the Western countries find these islands to be promising when it comes to simplicity and serenity of the place. Life in Gili Islands is considered by many as laid-back but exciting, full of charm, and a little bit mysterious. To date, there are no motorbikes, no cars, and no dogs to bother the peace in which Gili Islands are known for. Locally known as “cidomos”, horse- drawn carts are the popular means of transportation as well as bicycles that can be rented anytime of the day.

The Three Gilis

The Three Gili Islands


Gili Meno is the smallest island with a population of only about 400. The environment here is very mellow and it is the most secluded island which makes it quieter with less coral sands. Swimming beaches are all around the Gil Meno with remarkable sanctuary of birds with some monkeys around. For holidaymakers who wish to visit this particular island, they have to bring in enough cash because there no ATM’s here although some restaurants accept credit cards. There are no real roads but there are soft sandy paths which makes the holiday experience more exciting and challenging.

The island nearest to the mainland of Lombok is the Gili Air in which the town people first organized a community. Second smallest among the three islands, Gili Air is popular for couples who are on their honeymoon stage and for people who simply want to have a quiet draw back. This island is also great for holidaymakers who wish to have a pick of scuba diving and snorkeling with turtles along the coral reef waiting to welcome them. The population in this island is roughly 1000-1100 friendly people who are more than willing to welcome each and every guest.

Meanwhile, Gili Trawangan offers the most holiday activities and tourist facilities being the largest among the Gili Islands. White sandy beaches, seaside BBQ’s, poolside cocktails, crystal clear waters, and all night beach parties are some of the things that make Gili Trawangan a really place to be. Popularly known as the “party island”, it houses around 700 people. They have friendly neighborhood offering a variety of services essential in making the holiday getaway easier and more comfortable for the tourists. Holidaymakers who had an extra ordinary experience in Gili Islands will surely wish to spend their holiday in these islands over and over again.

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