Gili Air – Useful Tourist Information

Gili Air is one of the three popular Gili Islands located close to Lombok region. It’s indeed a beautiful and serene destination for tourism and vacations. You can visit the island at any time of the year. But, summer period seems to be the best time of visiting the island. You can enjoy the warm of the sun and the beauty of the atmosphere when you visit during summer.

Gili Air Island


Getting In The Gili Air

The best means of getting into Gili Air is by boat through Bali. There are several boat operators that ply from Bali to Gili Air. Among them include Amed Sea Express, Scoot Cruises and some others. Each boat has its specific time of departure.

You can also enter Gili Air by boat through Lombok. There are several boat operators that offer speedy transportation from Lombok to Gili Air. It’s also possible to enter the island by ferry or public boat, shuttle boat, charter boat and other boat services. One can also enter Gili Air by boat through other islands like Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan.

In any case, if you’re coming from the US, Europe, Africa or Australia, you have to take a flight to Bali before you start boarding a boat to the Gili Air Island.

Getting Around

You can easily get around Gili air by strolling or walking. You can also use a bicycle to move around. Some hotels have bicycles as part of their packages. You can also move around with horse cart.

What to See and Do In Gili Air

There’s a lot to see around Gili Air. You can behold the beautiful Dive shops. You can also see the beauty of nature around the island. You can engage in snorkeling, surfing, kite surfing, swimming, and other activities. You can also go for shopping. ATM points are located at various banks within the island. You can get paid in the local currency.

What to Eat and Drink

Gili Air Bar - Foods and Drinks

There’s a lot to eat in Gili Air. There are several restaurants that offer all kinds of dishes like salads, grilled fresh fish, pizzas, sandwiches, homemade bread and so on. They also offer local and international cuisines at affordable prices. There diverse kinds of drinks available at various bars across the island. They serve all kinds quality local and international liquors, beers and malt.

Where to Sleep

Accommodation is never an issue in Gili Air. There are luxury hotels available. There are also cheap resort homes, guest houses, and apartments. Among the best luxury accommodation options include Chili out Bungalows, Coconut Cottages, Gili Air Santay, Nusa Tiga, Resota, Sasak Homestay, and others. Among the mid-range accommodations include Corner Bungalows, Hotel Gili Air, Manta Bungalows, Sejuk Cottages and some others. All the hotels and other accommodation options operate according to rules. Their prices vary a lot. You can make further inquiries about them through a reliable site that offers information about the Gili Islands.

Getting Out

The best means of getting out of the island is through the fast boats. You can enter any of the boats back to Bali or Lombok. From there, you can take a flight back to your destination.

In all, Gili Air remains a unique travel destination across the globe. You can enjoy the best of tourism when you visit the island.