Where is Lombok?

Lombok Island From Boat View

Located just east of Bali, Lombok is an enchanting paradise with beautiful beaches, waterfalls and large volcanoes that make Bali Lombok the center of Indonesian tourism. The mention of these two related islands evoke memories of a paradise, complete with great resorts, both big and small and a peaceful state of mind, just to mention a few. Coupled with the generosity and hospitality of its inhabitants, Bali and Lombok make a perfect holiday hideout. But what makes these enchanting islands stand out as top tourist destinations?

Things To Do In Lombok

Lombok Sasak Dance

Well, there is a lot to do and see in Bali and Lombok. Going to a spa is one of the well known activities visitors here engage in. Visitors spend many hours, or even days being massaged, pampered and perfumed to fix their mind and spirit. Depending on an individual, all this happens on the bench on in a serene garden. The long strokes and skin rolling makes a perfect holiday experience.

Like taking free-diving? Well, there is no better place than Gili Trawangan – home to the only breath-hold diving center in Asia. This place is surrounded by coral reefs and occasionally visited by cruising manta rays. Scuba diving in Bali is a huge attraction, attracting both professionals and beginners. Snorkeling is another great activity to engage in, as chances of seeing turtles in their natural habitat is very high.

Lombok - Mount Rinjani

The northern part of Lombok is dominated by volcanic mountains that make it a perfect hiking resort. Hiking in Rinjani, however, is not a picnic and involves lots of sweat and stamina. It is a winding route that leads you to vast caldera that provides a breathtaking view of the sacred lake of Rinjani that has for long remained a special pilgrim site.

You may also want to visit Gili Meno, the middle island and the smallest of all the Gilis. Given its low visitors, the island is also the quietest, and a great escape for honeymooners or those that want to enjoy the tranquility of nature. Special features of this island include sea turtle point and the blue coral point, among others.

How do visitors get to Lombok from Bali?

Well, there are many ways through which visitors can travel from Bali to Lombok. One of the most widely used is air transport. Bali Air serves daily flights to Lombok from Bali. The other option that is equally popular is by fast boat. There are several private fast boats that serve between these islands. Though fast boats are quite expensive, they are worth the price, especially if your destination is Gili Trawangan Island. Why? Because you can travel from Bali to the Gilis within 1-2 hours instead of 3-5 hours with ferry.

Most visitors also choose to use shuttle bus services that serve Bali Lombok, famed for their comfort, efficiency and safety. They are popular with travelers who want transfers from and to the harbor to the destination of their choice in Lombok. They charge an all-inclusive price but may vary depending on your starting point in Bali and destination in Lombok.

Other Interesting Area in Bali

Seminyak in Bali is an enchanting island that values creativity, and makes a perfect hideout for visitors that have a soft spot for art. This is where you will find art boutiques run by local designers. On the same breath are a collection of local restaurants and boutique hotels that serve the local cuisine.